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9 things you should never leave in the drain

9 things you should never leave in the drain

There are some things that should never end up in the sewers Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– or in your plumbing system in general. These objects could deal great damage at your system and can even lead to a massive flood. You need to be extra careful when you are disposing products in your drains as they could be the cause of a big catastrophe in your house.

In this article, we are going to discuss the products that should under no circumstances end up in your drain. We will also offer you some solutions in case some of them accidentally fall in your sewer system. Read carefully and stay tuned for more articles like this one!


Medication in the form of pills should never be in your sinks. It is another thing if a pill accidentally falls in your drain, but generally you should avoid taking them right above your sinks. The pills and generally medication at any form, can deal no damage -Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη- to your sewing system or your pipes.

On the contrary, they are able to cause a lot of side effects in the health of humans and animals. Your sewing system discards the water back to the environment where it eventually returns in the water (lakes, rivers etc.). So you can imagine that it can easily harm you in the future.

Rice and Pasta

Rice is cooked in water as we all know. It has also the ability to absorb even more water after it is cooked. So it would not be wise to discard your rice -either cooked or raw- into the sink as it would swell and cause a blockage later on. Therefore, before washing your plates and pots empty them in the trash.

Pasta is even worse than rice as most pasta are bigger or longer. This means that they can hold a lot more water than rice. If a noodle or a spaghetti ends up in your pipes it is more likely that it will expand in there absorbing as much water as it can. So make sure that your pasta and rice are going to the trash instead of your sink!


As we all know, flour is used to make bread, cakes and many more amazing foods. But to be used correctly, we need to add some wet ingredients in order to form some kind of dough. So as you can guess, when flour meets water in the pipes, it will form a paste which acts like glue and will collect everything that passes from that spot.

Even a small amount of flour could deal great damage – Αποφράξεις Πεντέλη– on the inside if your pipes.

Oils and butters

Any kind of cooking oil like olive oil, seed oils etc., butter, margarine or other kinds of fats are forbidden from entering your sewing system. Why is that? Because fats might be liquid while warm but at the moment cold water touches them, they become solid.

They can also hold on to the pipes and after that, gather up more products that end up in the drain. This way, you are going to have a clog pretty soon.

Food stickers

Always peel the stickers from vegetables and fruit before washing them or cooking. They are plastic and they  have some glue in their back which  can easily stick onto your pipes or other objects that are already there. They will then proceed to block Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς– the flow of the water creating more problems.

This is the same as far as paper and other plastic pieces of food packages are concerned. Please make sure that none of these things end up in your sewers as they could also deal a lot of harm to animals and birds too.


Eggs are very nutritious for the human organism but they can be harmful when they end up in your sink pipes. Especially the shell of the eggs. It can be shuttered to pieces and “hurt” your pipes or simply stick onto other masses of food that already exist in your pipes.

Let alone the danger of salmonella when it comes to unpasteurized eggs. You should not simply leave them hang out in your drain or sink. They could cause a lot more than you think!

Coffee grounds

Coffee is a great way to start your mornings and this is even greater if you brew your own coffee at home. But next time you do so, make sure to not throw the brewed coffee grounds in your drain, even if you are late for work or you have to run to the market. Why?

Because as we know, coffee grounds swell up not only when they are brewed but also afterwards. So if you leave an amount of coffee  in your sink -even if it is brewed and not raw-, it will probably cause you some issues with the drain pipes.

Best thing to do with the coffee you brew is compost! Or simply sprinkle them in your flower or vegetable pots. It is a natural fertilizer and at the same time it keeps your pipes clean!


We know that this struggle is real for people with long hair but the truth is that you need to pay attention with your hair! Do not let your hair end up in your bathtub drain or sink every time you take a shower or comb your hair. It is hard to keep track of every strand of your head and that is okay!

But you need to deal with the fact that your drain needs to have as little hair as possible, in order for it to not get clogged!

Beauty products

Any beauty product that you are using, from cleansers, hair sprays, oils, to bobby pins and fake eyelashes need to stay out of your sink! Otherwise they will build up in your pipes and eventually block the water from going down to them. Let alone the odors that can be produced by the product build up!

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