Apple news and new releases

Apple news and new releases

Every dedicated Apple –θήκες κινητών– fan in the world, is now expecting the release dates for the newest smartphones by the company. Most people are waiting the new Apple iPhones in order to change their already existing smartphones, even if we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Regardless of that, Apple has made some new changes and this is why we are going to talk about Apple news and new releases.

The new iPhone 12 Series is coming

Apple has announced the release of 4 new iPhone models which are going to be a part of the iPhone 12 Series. These models are not identical and it is the first time that Apple is releasing so many phones at once. The most peculiar thing is the new iPhone 12 Mini which is a surprise for everyone. With the smallest screen that has ever existed, this tiny iPhone is the solution for people who want the luxury of the iPhone but in a smaller size!

The iPhone 12 mini will definitely be one of the most discussed iPhones ever existed as we need to put it to the test and see how it performs in the everyday use. On the other hand, the iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max are better versions of their descendants

The specific date of the new release has been officially announced and one thing we know is that everyone is anticipating over this release!

Apple policy in France

France does not want the solution proposed jointly by Apple and Google to track people who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients. The StopCovid application currently being created will be based on an in-house, centralized system also based on Bluetooth chips from smartphones. Problem, permanent background access to this connection is not possible on an iPhone, for security and autonomy reasons:

So that StopCovid does not completely do without iPhone users, France is trying to convince Apple to give it low-level access to Bluetooth. We now learn that Orange, one of the companies working on the project, is responsible for discussing with the Cupertino company. Stéphane Richard indicates that “The technical discussion is led by Orange. It is not concluded, but the interlocutors at Apple are open enough that this architecture can be implemented on iOS. ”

Do we understand that Apple is planning to update the solution integrated in the beta of iOS 13.5 released last night to adapt to the requirements of France? Or as discussions progress on the hypothesis of lower-level access to the Bluetooth chip? This would be necessary for the ROBERT protocol devised by Inria to be effective without having an app permanently open in the foreground, and this is also valid for Android smartphones, by the way.

Covid-19 Policies in Apple news

It is not known more, but Reuters reports that discussions with Apple take place on a daily basis. Stéphane Richard also maintains that the decision of Germany, which would have chosen the decentralized route of Apple and Google, would not be finalized. The country is still hesitating between the two solutions and is working on both at this very moment, according to the CEO of Orange.

“Even if this is not a panacea, it would be a shame if this option were left in the bud for questionable reasons. We would be the only country to give it up straight away. », Commented Stéphane Richard, who also underlines that private and public companies are progressing well on the project. “The management by Inria is ultimately effective. Private companies have brought Inria the fruit of a month’s work. “.

On the technical side, the app should be ready by the end of May, according to Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Director of Technology and Innovation at Orange. The technique is one thing, but it will also be necessary to convince on the political level and for the moment, it is still the vagueness that prevails.

Accessories and phone cases for Apple iPhones

Now that you have decided to get the newest iPhone, let’s talk protection! If you happen to have such an expensive phone you really need to invest on its protection and safety. You need to buy a phone case that is sturdy enough to keep your phone safe and sound from scratches or bumps if it happens to fall.

Get yourself a phone case made by silicone, a hard plastic case or a book phone case. You can choose whatever color you like and of course match it up to your style! Apart from the cases, you also need to install a protective glass also known as tempered glass. This will help you keep your phone as good as new, no matter how many years you have got it!

Let your smartphone be the best accessory you have got!

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