Common TV problems technicians repair

Common TV problems technicians repair

One cannot imagine his daily life without television. What would we do without her? We could not watch movies, we could not be informed, we could not watch our favourite documentary… Television is here to entertain and entertain us, to inform and keep us company, whenever we are not in a good mood or whenever we want to sit with our friends and play video games.

TV has no picture or sound

But after a while you notice that while the TV was playing normally, suddenly it starts turning on and off on its own. Wondering what might happen. Do not be stressed! There may be no problem with your TV, claim TV technicians.


3 steps you can try to solve the problem yourself

  • Unplug the cord. Leave for about a minute and try again. Restarting can help.
  • Remove all devices connected to the TV.
  • Replace the batteries on the remote control.


8 additional problems that TV can display are:


1. Image distortion and discoloration

Sometimes the TV starts normally but after a while it starts to distort the image and discolour it. To repair this fault, turn off the TV and unplug it. Leave it closed for a minute and then reconnect. If possible, test it with other devices, such as a DVD Player, or a video console. If the image is still the same without improvement, then you need immediate service.

2. The TV has picture but not sound and vice versa

This can be due to simple TV problems that can be solved with the help of audio and video settings. So check your settings!

3. There is a horizontal or vertical line at the bottom of the screen

This is often due to magnetic waves coming from the speakers or other nearby electronic devices. All you have to do is remove them from it. Then unplug it and try again.

4. Lights up but displays an image

The most common reason is the wrong power supply. You can change the power supply by pressing the “source”, “input” or TV / Video button on the remote control. Press the button until the image appears. If you are still in the correct input, make sure the antenna cable is connected or that the satellite is working.

5. Echo

If you hear echo, you may have another audio system connected to the TV. If so, you can hear from both the audio system and its speakers. This creates an echo or echo disturbing to our ears. In the settings you can change the sound to come from either the TV or the audio system.

6. Image is corrupted or pixels appear

If this is the case then maybe the signal quality is to blame. Check all antenna connections and cables.

7. Subtitles are on

You will need the remote control to turn them off in the settings by pressing “CC”.

8. The device is not connected to the Internet

There may be an Internet connection function, but the TV is not connected. If it is new you will need to connect to the network from the settings or restart the router if the TV is not new.


7 Reasons to choose for the service of your TV

  1. With many years of experience and having many years in the Greek market, we have encountered all kinds of damage to all home appliances. So now with great confidence we will solve your every problem.
  2. Our company covers all areas of Attica and several prefectures of Greece.
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  4. Can anyone understand the effectiveness of our services from the criticism of our customers on our website!
  5. We provide high quality service, with experienced staff and the appropriate specifications according to the iso 9001 protocol.
  6. Our telephone service is available 24 hours a day!
  7. You can simply book your appointment by phone or online describing the fault you are experiencing on your device.

You should always keep the instruction manual for further information and assistance on your devices!


What do I need to do to keep the TV in top condition?

First of all, you should know that like all electrical appliances, the TV needs attention and care. It is good to avoid unnecessary movement and “holding” in the hand in order to prevent your device from falling. In addition, it would be good to clean your device like all the others as the dust does not help in its proper and excellent operation. In any case, when a problem appears you should contact the electrical technical service.


ELECTRICIANS in Athens – Quality in services

What have our electricians – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – gained and why are they distinguished?

  • Award for works for the umpteenth year.
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ELECTRICIANS and TV Service for all brands

The TV Service is a service of great importance to us. We have experienced staff, which has faced all kinds of damage in all brands that circulate in the Greek market.

TV Repairs is a service that is very important to us. We have experienced staff, which has faced all kinds of damage in all brands that circulate in the Greek market.
TV Repair, TV Service at very competitive prices!

TV Repair at very competitive prices is done in the spirit of our social responsibility. We are here so you do not have to worry. The TV Service is usually done at your place. If deemed necessary, we comply with all the specifications of transport and delivery of receipt with documents and guarantee sheet.


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