Great ideas with colors for exterior painting and house facades

Great ideas with colors for exterior painting and house facades

There is an infinite variety of exterior painting combinations that you can use to decorate the facade of your home. We will give you some ideas and tips that will help you in this difficult task and we will show you the current trends 2021 in New Jersey.

Color combinations for fashionable houses

Whether you want your home to stand out from the others in the neighborhood, or just if you are looking for a way to make the house as stylish as its interior, we will show you the latest fashion trends in beautiful colors to paint a house outside .

White walls with black or dark doors doors and windows

If your home has beautiful windows (or other beautiful architectural features), this is a great way to get their attention. Combined with a white exterior, the black details can look spectacular.

Black with white details

Black is an important color in the world of exterior painting and can make a powerful and striking statement. The touches of white stand out from the darkness of black.

Pastel colors with colored elements

The soft pastels, on the outside of a house, are really wonderful. A contrast adds a touch of coolness to a traditional style home.

Two shades of gray

If an all-black front is too much, try gray-gray, a much more modest and traditional formula. This two-tone game will give abroad a little more interest and dimension.

Dark colors + natural wood

Many houses have details in brick, stone or wood. You can get an elegant look, and increase the contrast between the wall and natural wood, with a dark color on the outside.

Gray and wood

What is very modern and looks very elegant you can combine it with dark wood color.

Gray and neon colors

It can also be combined with bright colors such as orange yellow or neon. Modern Color Combinations: Yellow and gray


The classic white color for the walls, combined with darker colors to highlight some architectural details, as well as doors and windows, helping to give depth and interest to the lines of the facade.

White and brown

You can also play with earthy coffee. Brown wood and gray cement.

Gray facades with white details

Another classic that is very modern, is to use the gray color to paint the walls and architectural details.

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