Best purses for your office looks

Best purses for your office looks

As a woman you might have a ton of bags – gynaikeies tsantes – and purses in your wardrobe. But sometimes they are not enough as you have different looks to pull off everyday. Are you looking for the best purses for your office looks? In our article we are going to talk about the most amazing bags and purses for your office looks.

Choosing a bag for your everyday job at the office might look simple, but it is really more complex than you think. You have to look neat and well-dressed, especially when working at a big company, a firm or any other job that requires a more formal dress code.

Leather totes

The good old leather tote is a choice that many women prefer as far as a business look is concerned. You can find them in many different colours and textures and this is what makes them unique. Their size is great to carry around with you during the day without limiting your style.

You can go with black, brown, beige white, the possibilities are a lot. Choose a big but not oversized leather tote bag for your office looks. The size will matter as they can fit a lot of stuff and accompany you every day.

Tip: You can also fit a smaller bag with all your essentials in it(wallet, charger, makeup bag etc.) so that you will not have trouble finding them in the big tote bag/

Leather backpacks

A backpack is the most controversial bag for the office. Why? Because people think that it is more of a casual nature. And it really is. But this should not worry you as the style of each person is different. And of course, we are talking a out a leather bag and not a bag made out of textiles.

A medium or even small sized leather backpack is a very interesting choice for your office looks. It is definitely more casual than the tote bag we mentioned before, but still it can pull off an office look pretty easily. Just pair it with carrot or cropped pants and a pair of ankle boots or flats and you are ready to go.

Travel backpack

Some would say that the travel backpack has nothing to do with office looks, But as always we are here to prove you wrong. And yes, the travel backpack is a solution for people who actually “travel” to their office everyday. What do we mean by that?

Many men and women have to drive, ride their bike or travel by train for hours everyday, just to go to their office. This cannot be easy with a regular, small purse. If you need a lot of things with you, including your lunch and water bottle, then a stylish travel backpack is what you need.

We know that they are not the best choice especially for people that have an exquisite sense of style, but they are durable and can hold a lot of things in them.

Tip: Choose a monochromatic backpack for a more stylish approach to your office looks.

Vinyl totes

A trend that was brought up by a famous fashion house back in 2005 is still on the market. But this time is at the form of a tote bag. Yes that’s right, a big, vinyl tote bag is the next thing you need for your office looks. You can opt for a bold colour to complete your looks or go with a transparent one for a more discrete office look.

It is a more daring choice for an office looks but you should give it a second chance if you like to try new things.

Strap bags

The best choice for an office look is the strap bag. A bag – τσάντες ώμου – that you can carry around your shoulder and never worry about it again! You can find them in various colours and textures and you can even have more than one to fit all of your outfits.

Choose a size according to your needs and make sure that it fits you well. If you need to carry a lot of things with you, consider getting a more spacious one so that you will not leave anything behind while you are at work!

Classic business bags

Now when we are talking about office looks, we could not omit the classic business bags. They have been the most popular choice for both men and women for a long time now and they are the best option for the everyday life at the office. You should consider them too, as they are not as old-fashioned as you think.

You might believe that the business bags are only for lawyers and people who have important documents to carry around but this is not completely true. Anyone can carry a business bag or a briefcase. If you are working at an office which requires you to move around a lot, carrying your laptop and other paperwork, you could pull the look off.

If it is your first time with a business bag, consider getting a simple and monochromatic one so that you can combine many clothing pieces with it and still be fashionable.


A small satchel might not be your first choice for the office looks an we totally get it. Why would you bring a satchel at work, right? Well, this last category, is for these women who do not have only one office-designated bag, but more than that. If you are a woman with many office bags and you like to alternate between them, a satchel is for you.

There are a lot of satchels – τσάντες χιαστή –in the market, with interesting prints and colours. Get one to spice your office looks up and get all the attention by your colleagues.

If you enjoyed our guide on office bags, you should stay tuned for more things like these.

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